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Bring web3 to your team and clients

Enhance your reputation and competitive edge with Hypha’s “organization-in-a-box” solution. Witness the benefits our tools can bring your team and gain the credibility needed to guide your clients in their web3 journeys – no coding required.

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Most consultancies struggle to differentiate themselves. We make this easy!

Hypha's "organization-in-a-box" tool enables you to distinguish your services by utilizing decentralized technology to help your clients enhance their organizations and foster a more inclusive and engaged workforce.



Stand out from the crowd

Competitors may claim to be rooted in web3, but many lack hands-on experience working with decentralized tools themselves, let alone guiding clients in doing so.

Build reputation and thought leadership

There’s no better way to gain clients’ trust and confidence than using the tools you prescribe. Hypha’s solution is an easy introduction to web3 for all teams.

Clients lack web3 knowledge

The web3 space is rapidly evolving and difficult to understand because it involves a complex combination of decentralized technologies, protocols, and concepts that are still in early stages of development.

Provide highly-sought information

Gain access to our consulting knowledge base and receive the information you’re seeking on a variety of topics - from tokenomics to decentralized governance mechanisms and more. We’re here to support you.

Deal with disengaged employees

Today’s employees seek to feel more empowered and engaged. Typical top-down, opaque organizational structures are alienating high-performers.

Attract and retain top talent

Hypha’s solution provides your organization with inclusive decision-making tools that honor, recognize, and reward employee voices and contributions.

DAO features for consultancies

Unleash the transformative potential of web3 for you and your clients

Transform the way your team works and bring the benefits of web3 to your clients with our tried and tested tools. Hypha’s "organization-in-a-box" solution provides the largest feature set on the market to support your organization’s web3 strategies and ambitions.

Quick and easy guides to adopt web3

With Hypha, you and your clients can quickly and effortlessly integrate web3 capabilities into your organizations, with access to several streamlined step-by-step guides for different organizational types and goals.

Inclusive voting tool

Whether it’s deciding on details for your first community event, a team retreat location, or fundamental organizational decisions, Hypha offers an intuitive, simple, and flexible voting system to ensure collective team participation and engagement.

Employee motivation and reward systems

Boost your employee engagement by awarding badges to recognize skills or achievements. Add additional web3-based remuneration through token allocations.

Lead the way to web3

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