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Since 2019, we have built and fine-tuned more than 40 tools, ranging from the token creation and management, to the most advanced governance system a DAO can possibly offer to date.

Create and Manage
Your DAO Token

We provide fee-free tokens recorded on a blockchain ledger to ensure the integrity and security of all your transactions and holdings of tokens. Deploy your own token with simplicity, without the need to write smart contracts. Each user will have their own wallet, connected to the DAO treasury for fast and secure deposits of their remuneration from the payroll

Compensation Module
Manage Roles and Payrolls

A complete set of modules to structure, motivate and compensate your organization’s workforce. From creating role archetypes, salary bands and new assignments, to then voting on role proposals and compensating for work done via a reliable payroll solution, it is all there.

Compensation module
Role Archetypes

These are fundamental to the structure of your team: each member can apply for a role in your DAO by applying to one of the available role archetypes and submitting their role assignment proposal.

compensation module
Salary Bands

Create the Salary Bands that best suit your organisational needs. Simply select a band for each role and focus on finding the best people.

compensation module
Role Assignments

When people want to join your DAO, they will apply for an open assignment for a given role. They simply select from any available roles and submit their application, describing their title and why they are the best fit for that role.] Once their proposal is up, time for voting! All active members in the DAO are then able to cast their vote and enroll new members!

compensation module
Active Members

Always keep track of what’s going on in the DAO! All members are listed and filtered in the Active Members section of the main dashboard of the DAO.

Contribution Module
Let members participate in DAO activities

Contribution modules allow DAO members to actively participate in DAO activities without necessarily having to be in a role assignment.

Contribution module
Compensation Proposals

Contribution proposals are ad-hoc non-recurring contributions to the organisation that can be proposed by any member, along with an associated remuneration. These are then voted upon by the DAO members.

Feature under development

Contribution module

A quest works like a contribution, but it comes in 2 steps: The first part is the initiation and confirmation to go ahead with a project. The second step is the quest completion and the associated payout.

Contribution module
Voting Modules

Role Assignments, Proposals, Contributions; everything in a DAO passes through a decentralised voting system. We created the most intuitive, simple and flexible voting system to meet the needs of different styles of governance.

Profile Modules
All profile actions are in one place

Find all the important information about a member in one place. From active assignments, past contributions, biography, time zone, and past votes. Everything is fully transparent and observable by members of the organization.

Profile module
Assignments Payout Periods

Find all the information about an active or past assignment. Including the token payout, timeframe, description, votes and comments.

Profile module
Wallet and payout functions

Access your wallet and find all DAO-specific tokens in one place. From here you can also redeem your cash token and get a payout on your connected crypto wallet

Governance Module
Govern your DAO in a fully cooperative way

Most parameters in the DAO like unity, quorum and voting period are fully configurable. This will allow you and your team to find the best governance meeting your individual needs.

Governance Module
Customisable Governance

Optimise your voting threshold by adjusting your quorum (minimum number of voters) and unity (minimum number of endorsements), and the voting period, for a proposal to pass. We also provide some guides & tools to help you decide on your voting methods!

Feature under development

Governance module
Organisation Templates

DAOs can be created for any kind of organisational form, such as a startup, a cooperative, a village, a city or a community. Hypha provides a range of pre-defined templates for each organisational form (eg. salary bands, policies, roles, badges, etc) to help them get their DAO up and running in the shortest time possible.

Governance Module
Policy Proposals

Policies are key courses of action which can be proposed by any member of the organisation. Due to the potential impact on the organisation, policies require a different voting method than other proposals and cannot be delegated to circles.

Feature under development

Branding Module
Custom Design

Bring your brand style to life inside your DAO! Thanks to our design configurator you’ll be able to personalise your DAO to align it with your brand style.

Branding Module
Brand Elements

With Hypha DAO you have the opportunity to fully customise the appearance of your DAO with colors, fonts, logos, custom headers and messages in order to reflect your brand style!

Treasury Module
Always on top of your DAO finances

The treasury modules will provide the DAO treasurers with all the tools needed to efficiently administrate your DAO’s finances.

Treasury Module
Blockchain explorer

Your data lives on the blockchain and you can keep track of each and every transaction through widely available blockchain explorers. From Payrolls to contributions, everything is easily accessible and traceable on the blockchain ledger.

Treasury module
Treasurer Badges & Multi-signature

Members that hold the Treasurer Badge can multi-sign and redeem cash tokens. For example, in order for a 1,000 token redemption to be executed, 3 out of 5 Treasurers need to sign the payout for it.

Treasury Module
Budgeting Dashboard

See your organization’s budget at a glance. Keep track of how much you are spending with each circle, for assignments, Roles and all other DAO features.

Feature under development
Feature under development

Treasury Module
Account and Finance

Get a detailed view on your financial picture (such as balances, cash flows, or accounts receivables or payables). Unlike traditional accounting modules, your DAO will present you with a multi-currency view and double-entry accounting to execute transactions securely on chain.

Advanced Role Features
Smart Badges and Administrator Roles

A digital badge serves both as recognition of achievement and confirmation of a status level. They are held by individuals and become part of their personal profile to display their levels of access within the DAO and their achievements.

Treasury Module
Administrator & Core Badges

Administrator and Core Badges enable members to execute important tasks in the organisation like treasury management, changing configuration settings, and enrolling new members.

Treasury module
Smart Badges & Token Multiplier

Smart Badges reward members for their achievements or extra roles they take on (e.g. Facilitators, Tech Support, etc…). The Badges can be created in the DAO and then members can apply for them. They can come with a token multiplier (ie a token based reward) but don't have to.

Circles Module
Keep bigger organisations agile with Circles

These Circle management tools are designed to make your teams more effective, efficient and focused.

Circles Module
Circle Proposals & Governance

Circle proposals are tied to the context of a given circle (AKA a ‘team’) and allow circle members to expedite the vote on proposals that affect their specific circle. Each circle has a circle lead and members that coordinate activities with other circles.

Feature under development
Feature under development

Circles module
Circle Budgeting

This feature enables the allocation of budgets to specific circles to be managed within the circles. Once a new circle is approved the circle has its own budget responsibilities and must elect a circle lead to represent the circle.

New Features

Price Plans

From your first single DAO
to an Ecosystem of interconnected DAOs for impact

We offer several flexible paths for organizations. You could join an existing DAO or build your own, inviting partners and communities into the ecosystem. Or launch an organizational DAO. Lead your community in later to create an interconnected DAO ecosystem, driving impact in your focus area.

Free plan available!

Single DAO builder

If you wish to build your own single DAO and let your organization grow using Hypha’s tools, these are the price models for you! We provide 3 attractive price plans with increasing feature inclusions, PLUS a free plan to help you try out the power of our DAO solution!

Single DAO plans

Ecosystem DAO builder

Is your dream to build an impactful ecosystem of like-minded communities locally or worldwide? Then you could create or join an ecosystem of interconnected DAOs. Use our price plans to offer working capital for your DAO launch. You can even choose the number of DAOs to include. Alternatively we could connect you to potential working capital providers to support your DAO.

Ecosystem DAO plans