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Enable decentralized elections

Hypha’s ‘Organization-in-a-box’ platform offers a cost effective, scalable, trustworthy and decentralized solution for local groups to organize and elect representatives.

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Self-organizing and voting for representatives can be a struggle!

Hypha’s “Organization-in-a-box”solutions enable transparent and verifiable decentralized elections for local groups.



Difficulty organizing elections

When a group has no reliable way of voting for a representative, they typically end up putting too many candidates forward, thus limiting their chances of success at elections.

Coordinate decentralized elections

Hypha provides the tools needed to easily organize and run decentralized, transparent elections.

Limited funds

Some groups can struggle to organize and run elections due to lack of funds.

Affordable solution

Hypha’s software is a comparatively inexpensive alternative solution to the mainstream election apparatus used by larger, well-funded groups.

Managing funds

It can prove challenging to receive and deploy funding across local groups in transparent verifiable manners to enable election organization.

Transparent funds management

Based on web3 technology, Hypha’s solution enables groups to easily and reliably deploy funds to local groups at minimal cost.

Bringing your community together

Many groups and communities are unable to effectively bring together and engage loosely affiliated individuals.

Community engagement

Hypha’s software provides the necessary tools to help build community engagement across the country.


Web3-based features to engage and mobilize your community to organize elections.

Hypha enables your community to organize and run elections in a decentralized, transparent, cost-effective, scalable and verifiable way. We provide the largest web3 feature set on the market to support your election ambitions.

Customizable voting protocols

Hypha enables you to select your preferred voting protocol for elections from a variety of options. One specific consensus driven protocol, called ‘Upvote’, is designed to eliminate electoral fraud, dramatically reduce incumbent advantage, and foster high engagement from voters.

Treasury management tools

Hypha’s tried and tested treasury management tools help to guard against fraud through multi-signature processes and enables funds to be easily received and deployed across local groups through tokens, without expensive bank fees.

Community engagement tools

Engage your community through their ability to build their profile, take on roles and by allocating ‘badges’ to recognize their skills or achievements.

Inclusive voting tool

To help your group to effectively organize the elections, Hypha enables them to propose and vote on various roles or quests to get tasks done, and to vote on key decisions.

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From many voices to one message through collective action - Hypha provides the decentralized tools to organize and run elections, and much more.

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