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DAO Launch Programme

Activate and scale your DAO effectively with structured insights and strategies from the Hypha DAO Expert Team.

Launching a DAO is a considerable undertaking, and the path can often be intricate. Designed by the Hypha DAO Expert Team, this programme offers a tailored programme where we guide you through the whole process.


Hypha Platform Use:

The programme can be completed before or after commitment to an Ecosystem Plan on the Hypha network


The programme is scheduled with your input.

Support Commitment:

The proposed quest model corresponds to an estimated effort of the equivalent of 1 person, 1 day a week, by our Hypha DAO Expert Team for the duration of each individual quest.


Prior to each quest, participants are provided with preparation materials.


Participants are encouraged to share feedback to ensure the programme remains responsive to evolving needs.

DAO Launch Programme Overview

More About The Programme

What's included in this offer

Three Essential Pillars:

The programme addresses the Core Team, Community, and Ecosystem components of an DAO.


Receive sessions on essential topics including Go-to-Market Design, Value Model Design, Tokenomics Design, and optional workshops on Constitution and Legal Framework Design.

Four Quest Structure:

  • Quests 1 & 2 (12 weeks): This phase focuses on Foundational Design & Core Team Activation and Value Flows & Community Activation.
  • Quest 3 (6 weeks): A dedicated phase for Launch & Ecosystem Activation.
  • Quest 4 (ongoing): Continuous support for the running of your DAO

Offline Activities:

Alongside workshops, there are offline exercises to help integrate the knowledge and strategies shared.


The programme includes the DAO Founders Roundtable allowing DAO founders to share and learn from each other, fostering a collaborative environment.

Let's DAO it!

If you're a DAO founder looking for guidance in shaping your ecosystem, consider the Hypha DAO Launch Programme.

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More informations about the activation process:

How Do I Buy and Stake Hypha Tokens?

You can purchase Hypha tokens using either BTC or EOS, and soon with fiat. We’ll provide a dedicated link for the payment process to make the transaction seamless and secure.

Why Do We have to stake Hypha tokens for the service?

Staking Hypha tokens for DAO services is a way to make services as affordable as possible. Instead of directly paying for the services, members are asked to stake the tokens. This means the tokens remain in the DAO’s staked treasury, and they can use them to activate additional members.

Staking also aligns the interests of both the participating DAO and the Hypha DAO Expert Team. Additionally, it supports the Hypha Network’s growth and utility, benefitting the broader community.

What Does It Mean To ‘Stake Tokens’?

Staking tokens means locking up a certain amount of tokens in a smart contract or a specific platform mechanism for a predetermined period. During this period, the staked tokens are not accessible for selling or transferring. Staking often supports the operations of a network.

In the context of our DAO services, staking Hypha tokens allows members to access and activate services. The staked tokens remain in the DAO’s staked treasury.

For How Long Do We Need To Stake Hypha Tokens?

Tokens are staked so long as your DAO is active. The tokens can be used for actual members in your DAO.

Who Can Pay For The Service?

Any DAO that is looking to launch, activate, and scale its ecosystem can pay for the service. We recommend it is a Core Member of the DAO or the legal entity behind the DAO paying for the service.

Do We Receive A Receipt Or Invoice Once Purchased?

Yes, once your purchase is completed and confirmed, you’ll receive a receipt from Hypha detailing the transaction for your records.

The DAO Launch Programme Includes:
  • Core Team:
    Core Team Activation & Onboarding.
  • Community:
    Community Mapping, Engagement and Activation.
  • Ecosystem:
    Ecosystem Design and Value Flows.
  • Go-to-Market Design:
    Developing strategies for DAO market entry.
  • Value Model Design
    Understanding the value propositions of a DAO.
  • Tokenomics Design:
    Exploring token strategies.
  • Constitution Design (Optional):
    Drafting foundational principles for the DAO.
  • Legal Framework Design (Optional):
    Grasping the legal aspects relevant to DAOs.