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About us

About us

Our purpose is to build and deploy collaborative technology solutions and services for coordinating human thriving and planetary wellbeing in harmony with Nature.

Hypha’s story is one of steadfast commitment, creative experimentation, and courageous exploration into uncharted horizons.

We formed in 2019 with a deep understanding that our existing systems are breaking down and our economic and governance systems are no longer fit for purpose. We envisaged an operating system for humanity that incentivises harmony with our planet. A living system that is informed by nature. In fact the term Decentralized Autonomous Organizations isn’t the full story, it's more of a Decentralized Human Organism a DHO

We started with the goal of building Seeds, an adaptable self-governed currency to incentivise regeneration of our planet. We knew we could not build the new system from the old system so we felt we had to be decentralised from the beginning. There were no tools back in 2019 to run a truly decentralised team so we built the HyphaDao to allow us to coordinate ourselves, a space for transparent secure agreements and value exchange and used it for 4 years to build the product itself. So we used the DAO to build the DAO. Think of it as building a plane while flying a plane and while not being able to see out the window. It's been a journey but we have something which is very special as a result.

We envisage ourselves as the new planetary operating system, easy to use for every human focused on positive outcomes. A large-scale facilitator for the deployment of impact capital across the planet. A space where collective decision making creates the conditions for the emergence of human collective intelligence. We are accelerating into a change point and our vision is the beautiful sunrise on the other side. System change.

Join us.

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Our Core Values

What we stand for

Hypha members come from diverse backgrounds, bound together by a commitment to core values guiding our work, behaviors, and actions.


Integrity empowers us to live by our moral principles to build and deploy technologies and services to benefit humanity and our shared planet


Our sense of individual and collective responsibility drives how we take accountability for becoming a mature and thriving organism while acting by our values.


Trust commits us to creating honest and empowering solutions, connecting us to the heart of humanity.


Being fully transparent enables us to live by what we promise and forms the DNA of our technology solutions for collective thriving.


Our shared commitments fuel our promise of excellence through radical transparency, diversity and inclusion, responsibility, continual learning, and improvement.


Hypha is committed to honoring all who contribute to the value we co-create, receive, enjoy, and distribute — including Nature herself.


Creativity inspires us to expand and grow in consciousness by purposefully inviting diverse perspectives and new horizons for learning and innovation.


We are compelled to learn, act, and evolve by taking responsibility and accountability for our actions and our standards, promises, and commitments.

Hypha Constitution

The only DAO with a constitution inspired by nature’s living systems

Hypha aims to go beyond providing a DAO platform. We aspire to provide humanity with the coordination tools needed to achieve successful, large-scale impact.

Timeline of Key Achievements

Our Journey Together

Hypha Team

Meet the humans behind Hypha

Inspired by Nature

Why the
Name Hypha?

The word “Hypha” refers to the original Earth internet. The branching filaments that comprise the network of the mycelium (fungal) organisms, which unite healthy ecosystems by helping plants and animals share information and nutrition. We mimic natural systems across our DAO tools to coordinate and support thriving organizational ecosystems.