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Create Your DAO

Creating a DAO has never been easier than with Hypha’s platform! Simply follow the 4 steps below to easily get your DAO up and running in no time!

Step 1 > Login your Hypha Account

Let’s Get Started! Log Into Hypha’s DAO Launcher

Get excited to join a thriving community of 100+ DAOs!
Note: A Hypha Account is required for this step. Don't have one yet?
Click here to create yours now.

Step 2 > Create your DAO

Easily create your DAO in just a few clicks

We can’t wait to learn more about your DAO and how the thriving Hypha Network can help support its success!

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Step 3 > Make It Your Own

Time to customize your brand new DAO!

Your DAO, your way. Easily choose from a variety of pre-designed DAO templates for a seamless start, or unleash your creativity and design your perfect DAO from scratch.

Step 4 > Let's DAO it!

Cleared for launch: your DAO is ready for takeoff!

You did it! Congrats on creating your new DAO. From here, take a moment to familiarize yourself with all the possibilities that lie ahead. Your DAO journey to success starts here!


Choose Your Plan

Pricing Plans

Hypha's "DAO Builder" free plan is a great way to start using your DAO! Easily upgrade to a new price plan as your organization grows.