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Bring your brand to life in your new DAO with our easy-to-use tools!

Your brand is important! We get that. Customize your DAO to fit your brand. From your brand name, logo, and color palette, our design settings are there to make you shine!

Brand Customization

The branding process starts in the DAO Launcher

Personalize your DAO with logos, a custom name, and the purpose to reflect your brand. This starts from the DAO Launcher itself. With the building blocks of a unique visual identity now in your reach, make your organization shine online!

Brand Customization

Further customize your DAO inside the Configuration Settings!

Here you can set up customized primary and secondary colors. They will be reflected in every dynamic UI element of your DAO, from buttons to links to labels, so that your DAO will closely match your brand's visual identity.

Brand Customization

Perfectly match your visual brand guidelines

Make your team feel right at home by bringing your brand to life within your DAO at every level, from the color palette to the logo and brand name. Our brand styling tools are intuitive and quick to use. We hope you enjoy them!

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