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Voice Token

A "voice token" within the Hypha DAO context is a specialized digital token used exclusively for voting & governance.

Unlike utility or liquid tokens, voice tokens cannot be purchased and can only be earned. This setup ensures that the governance power within the DAO is given to those who actively contribute or participate. The more 'Voice tokens' you earn, the more voting power you have.

Exclusive Utility for Voting

Voice tokens grant holders the right to vote on proposals, decisions, or other governance aspects within the DAO.

Earned Through Contribution

This mechanism incentivizes active participation, ensuring that governance rights are allocated to members who actively contribute to the DAO's objectives and mission.

Non-Transferable and Non-Purchasable

This ensures that influence within the DAO cannot be bought nor transferred in some way, thereby preventing potential centralization of power or undue influence from wealthy or powerful participants. This helps maintain the integrity of the voting protocol.

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