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Create opportunities for members to contribute to your project by setting up roles with associated Reward Tiers.

Roles are templated job descriptions with set responsibilities. Members cab freely decide how much they can contribute and can choose their reward according to our tiered system.

Role Types

Members can choose a role to match their skills.

Core members can agree upon the roles they would like within the organization and set those up for members to apply. It’s all about having the freedom to create an organization you believe in.

Circle Roles

Member roles can be easily tied to a specific circle!

Every activity in the organization is tied to a circle, including roles and contributions, allowing the DAO to budget and monitor use of resources efficiently and transparently.

Complexity Level

Members can select their skill level, commitment, and reward tier.

Depending on a role's complexity and responsibility, members can select the appropriate skill level and corresponding reward tiers before publishing role proposals. They can also decide whether they wish to work part-time or full-time by choosing the corresponding level of commitment. A simulation of the reward amounts is automatically calculated.

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