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Use badges to recognize key skills or give admin powers to key members to act in the best interest of your organization.

Significantly enhance your organizational operations by granting badges to individuals to authorize them for specific tasks based on their skills or experience, or to provide them with key powers.

System Badges

System badges bestow important duties within the DAO

For example, the Treasurer badge bestows economic responsibility to a holder, a position requiring a lot of trust. Similarly, an Admin badge allows access to the DAO’s system settings. An Enroller badge lets the holder admit people into the DAO. These badges can give your admin team a sense of purpose and help your organization run smoothly.

Community Badges (Coming Soon)

Grant your community special abilities in your DAO!

Special abilities may include badges giving the power to vote on community proposals or identify key community delegates or representatives. More to come!

Custom Badges

The best way to engage your members!

Delve through a huge pallet of pre-defined icons for your badge or upload your own icon - the choice is yours!

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