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Build trust in your DAO by creating and agreeing on policies with your team.

Shape your DAO by creating rules for members to follow when setting policies. Members can propose policies for a vote, creating an organization founded on alignment, trust, and clarity.

Policy Versions

Easy solution to keep all your policies up to date

While your policy proposals will be securely published on a blockchain, we enable a reliable historical record to be kept of different versions of policies as they evolve over time. This way, you can ensure that all members are completely up to date on the status of a given policy!

Circle-specific policies

Need to tie a specific policy to a specific circle? Easy!

When it comes to creating policies, you can create them for specific circles. This feature ensures you can choose the policy type and the circle it relates to and then add details to lay out your plan before publishing it for a vote.

Attachments and extra content

Make your policy proposal stand out!

Once you have created your policy, you can add various types of content to bolster your case. You can choose from videos, text documents, and images/infographics to provide further depth and clarity on your policy.

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