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Ensure the safety of your funds with our multi-sig transactions that provide superior security.

Multi-sig offers Treasurers the ability to secure transactions by requiring multiple signatures before executing transactions.

Distributed authority

Multiple treasurer signatures are required to execute transactions

Only once the agreed number of treasurers have signed the transactions, is a payout made. Distributing the authority ensures that no single person can override treasury decisions, keeping your funds much safer!

Treasurer Badges

Enhanced security via shared ownership of the treasury

We’ve cracked the secret to keeping your treasury safe and the process transparent. Multiple treasurers are voted in and assigned the responsibility through badges. Only treasurer badge holders have the authority to govern the treasury and sign financial transactions.

Transparency on blockchain

Every payout is recorded transparently on the blockchain

Whether you are the person requesting the payout, the treasurer checking the transaction before executing its payment, or simply other members of the organization wishing to have visibility on the organization's finances, all these payouts are visible & transparent to all thanks to being securely recorded on the blockchain.

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