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Achieving more Together for a Thriving World

Our Constitution

This Constitution serves as our declaration of interdependence with all of life, sovereign from artificial divisions that have been imposed. Our commitment is to positively contribute to the emerging global social spaces that are inherently autonomous, and supportive of our evolutionary development.


Welcome to the Constitution of the Hypha DAO, which serves as our governance Compass for actualizing our purpose and contributing to our worlds and futures. May it inspire you to bring forth the best of your humanity for the solutions our world and planet require.

The Compass is designed by the wisdom of living systems to navigate decision-making and prioritization for thrivability – developing our systemic capacities for living in harmony with life, and actualizing our potentials in ways that are generative, life-affirming, and future creative.

Our mission is to develop open technology solutions for making the great transformations feasible for a thriving planetary civilization and abundant planet. Our goal is to create maximum goodness—rather than minimum harm—by positively contributing to the wellbeing of humanity, our planet, and future generations.

The digital paradigm makes visible how life is an interconnected reality of interdependent relationships, whereby the exchange of information and value can no longer be controlled, or exploited, by a dominant minority. Hypha prepares people and organizations for the economies and governance systems of the emerging new era.

We acknowledge and thank all who have contributed to this Constitution and the Hypha journey that made it possible. With special thanks to Anneloes Smitsman for serving as the lead architect for this Constitution, based on her Compass design of the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization.