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Build an ecosystem your startups will love

Create an attractive and scalable ecosystem for startups and talents, all while gaining a competitive advantage at a low cost with the help of Hypha’s tools.

Our Solutions

Spark a thriving start-up ecosystem

Our tools enable you to attract and build strong engagement with startups and talent, taking your ecosystem to the next level and achieving new heights of success.


Attract high-potential startups

You understand how important it is to connect with start-ups and set your team apart, but achieving these goals can be challenging and costly in terms of time and resources.


Stand out from competitors

Hypha sets you apart by enabling radical focuses on transparency, inclusion, and engagement within your ecosystem, creating an alternative to a mainstream, top-down organizational structure using web3 technology.


Recruit and retain top talent and mentors

It can be difficult to recruit and retain the top talent and experienced mentors and advisors you need to help startups succeed.


Spur ecosystem engagement

Hypha's solution facilitates a contemporary organizational model that rewards talent and mentors for their contributions through a comprehensive and appealing remuneration system.


Helping your startups succeed

Like you, we understand the challenges associated with gaining access to the right resources, networks, and funding, which can stifle startups' innovation and limit growth potential.


Improved access to resources

Our ecosystem tools enable necessary resources, i.e., mentors, consultants, etc., to enter and onboard quickly by proposing quests and/or roles to the community for voting, removing burdensome onboarding barriers.

Specific Features

Tools to engage and scale

These features can help your ecosystem collaborate and communicate more effectively by driving engagement through increased decision-making transparency and innovative recognition and reward models.

Organizational Features

Transparent and inclusive decision-making tool

Engage your key stakeholders and employees to participate in critical decisions transparently, leading to greater use of your team’s collective intelligence and stronger alignment and engagement throughout your organization, with Hypha's voting tool.

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Members Features

Roles and Payroll Management

A complete set of modules to structure, motivate, and compensate your workforce. Examples include creating role types, salary bands, and new assignments, voting on role proposals, and paying for contributions via a reliable payroll solution.

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