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Step into the future of work with team-based circles based on a flat hierarchy, for transparency, autonomy, and accountability.

Drive team engagement by setting up collaborative circles (AKA teams) with their own budgets and autonomy to decide and deliver on agreed goals. Say bye to slow centralized teams rife with communication problems and demotivation.

Circle Proposals

Each Proposal can be Circle specific!

Circle proposals are tied to a given circle (AKA team). They allow circle members to expedite the vote on proposals that affect their specific circle — no more waiting for top-down decisions to move forward on your team's activities.

Circle Budget Dashboard (Feature in Development)

Easily monitor your financial resources by circle

A great way to gain an overview of the budgets of each circle, including their mix of different tokens.

Circle Budget Proposal (Feature in Development)

Reach consensus among DAO members about Circle spending

This enables members to align on a given circle's budget. Simply select the circle you are proposing for, add your proposed budget, and then publish the proposal to launch a vote. In this way, budgets are transparently and openly decided upon.

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