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Create your
Hypha Account

Your DAO journey starts here! Follow our user-friendly step-by-step guides and video tutorials below to create your Hypha Account and explore a world of possibilities.

Step 1 > Complete Hypha Onboarding

Where the magic begins

Start by opening Hypha’s DAO Platform in a new tab and create your personalized Hypha Account. From there, easily navigate the step-by-step onboarding process. For additional assistance, refer back to this page.

Step 2 > Download the Hypha Wallet App

Accept Your Invite to Be Part Of The Next Big Thing

Secure access to your Hypha Account by scanning your personalized QR code invitation to download the Hypha Wallet App on your smartphone.

Step 3 > Create your Account

Easily Create Your Hypha Account in No Time

Simply provide your name and photo and you're good to proceed!

Step 4 > Connect Your Account

Halfway done! Let's connect your account

Protecting your account information is Hypha's priority. Just a few more steps and you'll be good to go.

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Step 5 > login to hypha DAO

Easily login to your account

Effortlessly connect your Hypha Account and your Hypha Wallet for easy management and future access

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Step 6 > Authenticate your account

Ready, Set, Verify!

Experience instant activation by scanning your unique QR code and confirming the pop-up on your Hypha Wallet App. Your account is now registered!

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Step 7 > Enter Hypha DAO

Time to dive in, explore, and connect!

You're in good company! Enter the Hypha DAO to join hundreds of innovative, boundary-pushing, talented members like yourself.

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Step 8 > Welcome to Hypha DAO!

Time to settle in and get involved!

Welcome to Hypha DAO, we’re glad you made it! Take some time to get to know the other members and familiarize yourself with the platform and its benefits.


What's Next?

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