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Activation Method

Stake Hypha Tokens for the equivalent of:

DAO Activation Group

Embark on a systematic journey to understand and design the operational intricacies of your DAO.

The "Activation Process," guided by the expertise of the Hypha DAO core team and our selected Affiliates, is a step-by-step exploration of the DAO OS Canvas. It helps you design and implement a strong foundational and operational framework for your DAO.


Flexibility in Joining

Hypha offers three calls per week on a rolling basis. DAOs can initiate their Activation Process at the beginning of any week, completing their six calls over the subsequent two weeks


Begin by sharing your DAO’s details and objectives, helping us understand your unique needs

Post-Session Resources

After each webcall, access supplementary resources, reading materials, and tools to further enrich your understanding.

More about the DAO Activation Group Webcalls

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What's included in this offer

DAO OS Canvas Exploration

A deep dive into a holistic tool designed to encompass every operational aspect of a DAO. Business models, organizations values, and pillars are important at this stage

Six In-depth Webcalls

Dive deep in 90-minute sessions, each focused on one of the six key sections of the DAO OS Canvas, ensuring a comprehensive understanding

Expert Facilitation

Sessions are led by the seasoned Hypha DAO core team and Affiliates, providing insights drawn from hands-on DAO custom experience.

Interactive Breakout Sessions

Participate in collaborative breakout groups, where DAOs can brainstorm, discuss, and evolve ideas in real-time. Network Collaboration and feedback.

Core Team Activation

Beyond operational design, an emphasis on empowering and activating your DAO’s core team, ensuring alignment and commitment from every key player.

Shared Learning Environment

Glean insights from fellow DAO founders, gaining perspective on challenges, solutions, and diverse approaches.

Let's DAO it!

If you’re a DAO founder with a vision and a team eager to bring it to life, the Hypha DAO Activation Group is your next step.

Customers Testimonials

Hear from others how Hypha’s Services have helped their transformations

More informations about the activation process:

How Do I Buy and Stake Hypha Tokens?

You can purchase Hypha tokens using either BTC or EOS, and soon with fiat. We’ll provide a dedicated link for the payment process to make the transaction seamless and secure.

Why Do We have to stake Hypha tokens for the service?

Staking Hypha tokens for DAO services is a way to make services as affordable as possible. Instead of directly paying for the services, members are asked to stake the tokens. This means the tokens remain in the DAO’s staked treasury, and they can use them to activate additional members.

Staking also aligns the interests of both the participating DAO and the Hypha DAO Expert Team. Additionally, it supports the Hypha Network’s growth and utility, benefitting the broader community.

What Does It Mean To ‘Stake Tokens’?

Staking tokens means locking up a certain amount of tokens in a smart contract or a specific platform mechanism for a predetermined period. During this period, the staked tokens are not accessible for selling or transferring. Staking often supports the operations of a network.

In the context of our DAO services, staking Hypha tokens allows members to access and activate services. The staked tokens remain in the DAO’s staked treasury.

For How Long Do We Need To Stake Hypha Tokens?

Tokens are staked so long as your DAO is active. The tokens can be used for actual members in your DAO.

Who Can Pay For The Service?

Any DAO that is looking to launch, activate, and scale its ecosystem can pay for the service. We recommend it is a Core Member of the DAO or the legal entity behind the DAO paying for the service.

Do We Receive A Receipt Or Invoice Once Purchased?

Yes, once your purchase is completed and confirmed, you’ll receive a receipt from Hypha detailing the transaction for your records.

DAO OS canvas areas:

A deep dive into a holistic tool designed to encompass every operational aspect of a DAO. Business models, organizations values, and pillars are important at this stage

The DAO Activation Group Webcalls Cover

  • Purpose & Vision: Define your DAO’s reason for existence
  • Governance: Craft robust decision-making protocols.
  • Structure: Determine the best organizational structure.
  • Value Flow: Design a dynamic, value-centric ecosystem.
  • Membership: Decide how you protect and establish trust.
  • Compensation: Innovate fair, transparent, and motivational reward systems