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Onboard new members through work assignments

With assignments, members can easily define the work contribution they wish to bring to your organization. These can be short or extended assignments associated with a desired remuneration, which must be voted upon before the role assignment can commence.

Assignment Proposal

Start by selecting a role, describe your assignment, and tie it to a circle

When applying for a role, applicants can request to join a specific and relevant circle team

Assignment Proposal

Define the duration of your assignment

With this intuitive interface, select your assignment's desired start date. Next, adjust its duration by selecting the number of cycles (weeks) you plan to work on this assignment. The end date is then automatically calculated.

Assignment Proposal

Select a reward tier and define your commitment

Depending on the complexity and responsibility of the role, a member can select the appropriate skill level and corresponding reward tiers before publishing their role proposal. They can also decide whether they wish to work part-time or full-time by choosing the corresponding level of commitment. A simulation of the reward amounts is automatically calculated.

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