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Reward your contributors with payouts for their time and effort.

There are many kinds of payouts including one-off quests, ongoing role assignments, bridge contributions, etc. If you have an active role assignment, your payout will be processed by the treasury, eliminating payroll delays.

Easily Redeemable Payouts

All members can easily redeem their payouts through their wallets

Simply check the amount of tokens available, enter the desired amount in addition to your account details for the tokens to be transferred to. You need both the address and the Memo of your external wallet / account. Then press 'Redeem'!

Easily execute payout via multi-sig

Treasurers can execute payouts effortlessly at anytime

Payout requests can be combined into 1 multi-sig transaction, thus increasing your treasury team's efficiency. Once all the signatories have signed off on the transactions, you can then proceed to execute the multiple payouts in one go.

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