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Welcome to Hypha’s developer community! Supercharge your development plans with our exclusive price plan crafted specifically for talented developers like you

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Let's get to know each other better

Skip the fees and stake 5 Hypha Tokens per member – a great deal! After we get acquainted, we'll fast-track you to the Developer Plan. For now, start with a free plan and witness your vision come to life!

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Create your DAO

The process is exactly the same as per any other DAO, what will change, is that instead of paying a fee, you will just need to stake 5 hypha per each of your DAO members. Pretty neat ah?! Once we get to know each other we will grant you permission to activate the Developer Plan. In the meantime, you can sart by creating a normal DAO on the free plan


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Pricing Plans

Hypha's "DAO Builder" free plan is a great way to start using your DAO! Easily upgrade to a new price plan as your organization grows.