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Harness the power of collective decision-making through our transparent and secure voting system.

Customize your organization's governance to fit how you and your team wish to run things. From majority voting to 80/20 and consensus voting, it’s all possible.

Voting configuration

Option 1: 80/20 Consensus

With this approach, you will need 80% of the votes to secure unity, with a 20% minimum of all members voting as a quorum. This is a good way to show strong support for a vote. At the same time, not all core DAO members must participate.

Voting configuration

Option 2: 51% democracy

In a simple democracy or 51% democracy, a majority of 51% or higher wins the vote. It is a straightforward way to govern. You can set up the unity and quorum configurations to be 51% each and define the voting period in the Voting section of the configurations page.

Voting configuration

Option 3: 100% Unity

In this vote, 100% participation is needed, and the vote must be unanimous. Easily set up the unity and quorum sliders accordingly and choose your voting period. Voila, you’re done!

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