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How to Delete Your Hypha Account

You can easily delete your Hypha account in any moment from your Hypha Wallet App. Click the button below and read more about how to do it and what will happen once you delete your Hypha Account

Open Hypha Wallet on your smartphone

Once you are inside your Hypha Wallet, reach the settings screen by clicking the icon located in the bottom menu. Once in the settings, scroll to the bottom until you reach the link “Delete Hypha Account”, click on it, and your account will be deleted.

What happens once your Account is deleted

Your Hypha Account consists in the Name, Bio and Avatar image you have provided while creating your profile. All this data will be deleted. Be aware that you own the keys of your Blockchain account, Hypha Wallet doesn’t own your blockchain account. You can backup your private keys in any moment from the settings screen, so that you can access your blockchain account again from Hypha Wallet or any other EOS/Telos compatible wallet.

If you delete your Hypha Account and if you didn’t save your Private Keys, your blockchain account and all the tokens it might contain, will be lost.