At Hypha we are committed to make the activation of our DAOs as easy and efficient for our customers as possible.

We continuously harvest learnings and feedbacks to improve the experience to onboard your organization, community or ecosystem to your DAO.

Our aim is to build a network of active DAOs, which can only be successful if you use our tools successfully. We are excited to support you on your journey and are grateful for every feedback, comment and idea on how to make this experience more joyful and efficient for you and your team.

You can do the journey on your own in your team – or join our free live sessions “THE FLOW” to follow the process with other DAOs together.


THE FLOW is a series of group sessions over 4 weeks allowing DAO Founders to get to know our tool and functionalities, learn what is needed to activate and engage in a DAO, share their experience, draft their canvas proposals and get their questions answered.

Apply now for the next cohort!

We want to make sure that you are supported in the best form why THE FLOW sessions are limited to 9 DAOs at a time. We will have two THE FLOW series in May to accommodate as many time zones as possible. We ask you to only apply if you are available to join all sessions at least with one team member. Please apply with this form.



  • 9am – 10:30am CET, Berlin Germany
  • 3pm – 4:30pm WITA Denpasar, Indonesia
  • 5pm – 6:30pm AEST Sydney Australia


  • May 9 – Genesis & Membership
  • May 23 – Purpose & Structure
  • May 30 – Governance & Compensation
  • June 6 – Resources & Value Flow




  • 9:30am – 11:00am EDT, New York, USA
  • 3:30pm – 5:00pm CEST, Berlin, Germany
  • 6:30am – 08:00am PDT, Los Angeles, USA


  • May 8 – Genesis & Membership
  • May 22 – Purpose & Structure
  • May 29 – Governance & Compensation
  • June 5 – Resources & Value Flow

Other proposals to be done in your team:

  • Communication
  • Info Flow
  • Innovation
  • Maturation


Additionally, you can also use our consultancy services for 1:1 support. If you are interested in consultancy services, please speak to us directly.


  • HYPHA DAO Activation using the DAO OS Canvas

The DAO OS Canvas is using a canvas model developed by The Ready that we have adjusted to the DAO Canvas. The purpose is to create a fully operational scaffolding for your business using a DAO.


In our DAO activation calls we will use the DAO Activation Deck to give you a better understanding and clear overview of the needed steps to activate and onboard your DAO. Following the process provided in the Deck you can onboard your organization, community, ecosystem to the DAO at your own pace.


  • Hypha DAO Activation live sessions – THE FLOW
    A series of free weekly DAO Onboarding sessions in groups to ensure customer success.

The Hypha GoToMarket Team has established a Customer Success team with the purpose to ensure the successful activation and onboarding of our customers to their DAO. We envision all of our activated DAOs being used actively and being part of their organisation’s success to making the lives of their members more joyful and happy as well as the coordination of their activities easier and more efficient. If DAOs are not active for more than three months, we will de-activate them.

To ensure the successful onboarding and activation we offer a series of live video calls where we gather and share where we are at, answer questions and inspire each other with the ways how we set up, activate and onboard the individual DAOs together.

Overview on Miro here.

Hypha DAO Ecosystem on Discord

For our communication and to enhance transparency in our ecosystem which is how we learn from each other and collaborate best, we ask you to join our Hypha Community on Discord, where we will give you your own channel. This is where you can communicate within your team around the Hypha Activation and collaboration with other DAOs in the Hypha Ecosystem. Follow the link here.

Zoom Link  here.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Yours Dannie, Pedro and the Hypha Team

Written by:

Pedro Moscoso