Imagine a world where DAOs can easily activate their marketplaces to propose products and services priced in their own DAO utility token. Wouldn’t this be amazing?

This is the vision of Hypha DAO and LocalScale, two organizations teaming up to make it possible. Through a groundbreaking new partnership, we will leverage the power of web3 technologies to allow bioregions to self-organize as DAOs and create and manage local currencies through Hypha DAO accounts. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting collaboration.

LocalScale is a Public Benefit Organisation (and pending certified B-Corp) focused on developing resilient and sustainable local economies through technology, science, and regenerative activities. The platform operates globally, with an angle on bioregional development, and helps orchestrate and accelerate impact-positive initiatives in local communities.

Hypha is a DAO platform offering an “Organization-in-a-box” solution helping teams leverage decentralized tools and technology to achieve more together. Our platform provides onboarded users with a better way to work for any team, group, community, or organization who wants to launch ventures, make decisions, track resources, measure impact, and much more.

Together, Hypha and LocalScale will work to support bioregions to register and govern their local currencies leveraging Hypha’s DAO platform. As part of this partnership, Hypha and LocalScale will collaborate on a series of initiatives, including:

  • Enable every organization using Hypha’s technology to create their DAO marketplace with LocalScale simply using their Hypha Account and their DAO Native Utility tokens
  • Offer all organizations using LocalScale to self-organize by creating their DAOs and their DAO Native Utility token using Hypha’s DAO technology
  • Provide LocalScale users with the ability to manage governance and treasury operations for community-based currencies in their bioregions

“We are excited by the possibilities opening up with this partnership with Localscale, as it provides DAOs rapidly forming in the Hypha Network with the opportunity to build a token-based business model for their products and services. A step forward towards pursuing the expansion of our regenerative and impact economy!” – Alex Prate, Hypha Co-Founder

“As we increase our focus on providing local communities with tools to self-organize and build eco-systemic resilience, this partnership – and the blockchain-based, technical integration with the Hypha tools that underlies it – is the perfect match in helping those communities create an action-driven collaboration space for them to thrive. Weaving the Hypha, LocalScale, and Seeds tools together, all the pieces of the web3 puzzle are coming together to provide humanity with the most innovative technologies to sustain the journey to regeneration.” – LocalScale

We’re very excited about what this partnership will achieve. By working together, Hypha and LocalScale aim to build a more sustainable, decentralized, and impactful future for all.

Make sure to follow LocalScale (Twitter, LinkedIn) and Hypha (Twitter and LinkedIn) for ongoing updates on this partnership.

Kaidlyne Neukam
Written by:

Kaidlyne Neukam

5+ years of freelance experience helping purpose-driven startups and nonprofits scale impact through effective marketing, communications, and relationship-building. Passionate about the potential of the web3 x impact intersection.