Hypha DAO is thrilled to announce the addition of new members to its team. The DAO movement is flourishing, and Hypha is proud to be at its core with our “Organization-in-a-box” solution. With the influx of new talent, the team is confident that our products are poised to significantly impact the decentralized world ahead of our upcoming beta launch.

Our new team members bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, networks, and innovative ideas to the table. Their expertise in the fields of blockchain technology, decentralized finance, regenerative finance, tokenomics, marketing, exponential scaling, and ecosystem building will be valuable assets to our organization. They share Hypha’s vision of building tools for creating new economic systems to address humanity’s most pressing needs.

As a DAO, Hypha’s success depends on collective effort. With new team members joining the ranks, we are more empowered than ever to drive meaningful change in the world of decentralized organizations. Are you interested in joining the DAO movement? Join Hypha’s Discord to find out how you can get involved today.

Please join the Hypha team in welcoming our new members to the DAO community!


Domenic Thomas, Consultant

Domenic comes to Hypha with 10+ years of valuable experience in founder, executive, advisor, and consulting roles across the blockchain, cryptocurrency technologies, software development, information technology, and product development spaces. His extensive knowledge of management, business development, project management, product development, and fundraising will be crucial in helping Hypha’s upcoming beta launch succeed. Follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium to learn more.


Kate Bennett, Impact Ecosystem Builder

Kate joins Hypha as a Sustainability and Impact Strategist with more than a decade’s experience working in sustainability, ESG, and impact monitoring, reporting, and verification with publicly listed organizations, SMEs, and innovative, purpose-driven startups. She’s currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Regenerative Finance for Development and is providing her knowledge and expertise to support Hypha’s impact framework development and identify opportunities to support, facilitate and accelerate large-scale impact projects and bioregional regeneration in developing and emerging markets. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more.


Sohael ‘Soul’ Patel, Consultant

Soul Patel, entrepreneur, transformation executive, start-up mentor, and prize-winning poet, recently joined Hypha from his last role as a COO of ExO Works, an innovation consultancy. His experience serving as a World Responsible Leader with the BMW Foundation and a mentor for the Katapult and RESPOND start-up accelerators has proven vital for informing Hypha’s Go-To-Market strategy ahead of the platform’s upcoming beta launch. Follow Soul’s activity further on LinkedIn.


Kaidlyne Neukam, Content and Social Media Manager

Kaidlyne joins Hypha from the regenerative finance community, working previously with the Sovereign Nature Initiative and ReFi Spring. She has a deep understanding of what it takes to craft compelling narratives and captivate audiences across various platforms. In her role, Kaidlyne will oversee our company’s content strategy and work closely with other teams to ensure that our content aligns with Hypha’s overall goals and objectives. Her attention to detail, ability to think creatively, and passion for storytelling make her a valuable asset to our team. Follow her on LinkedIn and  Twitter.


Gavriel Shaw, Stakeholder Relations

Gavriel joins Hypha from a customer perspective of using Hypha’s technology for a personal DAO project. Previously, he worked with two web3 startup VCs (most recently Helios Rising) and with dozens of organizations in positions across product management and go-to-market functions over 15 years. Follow Gavriel on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn more.

Stay tuned for more updates from our team, and make sure to subscribe to Hypha’s newsletter, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and visit our website to learn more ahead of our beta launch next month.

Kaidlyne Neukam
Written by:

Kaidlyne Neukam

5+ years of freelance experience helping purpose-driven startups and nonprofits scale impact through effective marketing, communications, and relationship-building. Passionate about the potential of the web3 x impact intersection.