Hypha DAO: Empowering Web3 Innovators on EOS

Breaking news: Hypha announces the launch of our Beta Program waitlist on the EOS blockchain network. Register your interest now!

Today’s blockchain landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by demands for improved scalability, interoperability, and better user experience. Enter: Hypha DAO.

Imagine a world where organizing and scaling your team is no longer a daunting task. Hypha’s “Organization-in-a-box” solution makes this a reality. We provide teams with a suite of innovative tools that make it easy to use (simple UI, limited exposure to blockchain) to set up organizational structures, enable decentralized and inclusive decision-making, automate payroll processes, and motivate and reward members via a radical new token system.

After much anticipation, we’re excited to officially announce Hypha’s upcoming Beta Program launch designed to revolutionize how people interact with blockchain technology — all happening on EOS as our home chain!

Read more about the transformative potential Hypha’s solution brings to EOS community members, developers, entrepreneurs, and web3 enthusiasts below.

Unleash the full potential of communities and businesses with Hypha on EOS

Hypha’s next-generation Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) platform has been tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by organizations, builders, and members in the blockchain space, with humans very much at the center. Planning on leveraging Antelope, EOS open-source protocol, IBC technology, and the upcoming EOS EVM launch to bridge the gap between different blockchain networks, Hypha is poised to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. This, in turn, will unlock innovative new use cases for the EOS network’s industry-leading technology.

Ethereum apps on EOS: gas-free transactions with Hypha DAO

With the new EOS Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), ecosystem developers can now leverage existing Ethereum-based tools and resources. This means that, in the future, Ethereum apps can use Hypha’s technology through the EOS network’s EVM without gas fees for their users. This feature significantly lowers the barrier to entry for developers and encourages more projects to migrate to EOS to take advantage of its high-performance, scalable, and user-friendly infrastructure.

DeFi DAOs: transforming the financial landscape

Hypha is positioned to reshape the DeFi landscape by providing an ideal platform for DAOs within DeFi apps and communities. We offer users tools that help them to coordinate better together, and to streamline decentralized decision-making and resource allocation. This enhances the overall DeFi experience for crypto communities on EOS, unlocking new opportunities for innovation and collaboration in the financial sector.

Attracting projects to the EOS ecosystem with Hypha DAOs

By offering a cutting-edge DAO platform, Hypha attracts cutting-edge projects to join the EOS blockchain network. The powerful combination of Hypha’s features and the EOS ecosystem empowers startups to build faster, with lower costs than ever before. Hypha DAO’s “organization-in-a-box” approach makes it simple for new projects to begin working within days of their initial formation. This will strengthen the EOS network, driving growth and innovation while providing a solid foundation for future success.

Register for the upcoming Hypha DAO Beta Program to shape the future of blockchain

Don’t miss your chance to be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. By signing up for the upcoming Hypha DAO Beta Program launch, you will be among the first to experience the transformative potential of this groundbreaking platform. Together, we can shape the future of blockchain and create thriving ecosystems that serve the needs of users across the globe.

Fill out this form to be among the first to activate your new DAO when Hypha launches its new Beta Program: https://hypha.earth/sign-up-for-your-hypha-dao/

Hypha brings blockchain technology closer to mass adoption. Are you ready to be part of this revolution?

EOS Network Foundations grant to Hypha DAO

Hypha DAO’s ‘Organization-in-a-Box’ Solution receives $850k USD grant from ENF.

Hypha DAO welcomes EOS Network Foundation’s grant of $850k USD, which recognises the tremendous potential of Hypha DAO’s ‘Organization-in-a-box solution’, one of the most comprehensive tried & tested DAO solutions available today. This grant will help fuel a powerful roadmap of new advanced features and bring DAO tools to the EOS Community.

DAO landscape

Alex Prate, Member of the Hypha Council, commented “The whole Hypha team is delighted & thankful to have gained the trust & funding of such a major Blockchain organization as the EOS Network Foundation. It will dramatically catapult the development of valuable & innovative DAO features for our customers.” 

Benefits of Hypha’s ‘Organization-in-a-box’ 

Hypha DAO provides all the key building blocks to create a new low barrier way for groups, communities, start-ups and organizations, to effectively and rapidly organize, govern, manage capital, compensate, and coordinate together to achieve their goals in a transparent, structured, fraud resistant, scalable and decentralized way based on blockchain technology. 


Hypha DAO features

Beyond launching individual DAOs, Hypha enables the creation of large interconnected ecosystems of DAOs to bring to life a new form of human coordination for large-scale impact around the globe. 

EOS Ecosystem

The introduction of Hypha’s “Organization-in-a-box solution” will serve as a major catalyst within the EOS Ecosystem. It will enable all manner of organizations to take the leap into new modes of cooperation and self-governance that would otherwise be inaccessible, chaotic, and challenging.

EOS members will gain access to Hypha’s DAO solution via a range of attractive price plans including a freemium option, to start their own DAO journeys.

With EOS as an efficient, scalable, battle tested layer-one blockchain, and Hypha, a truly inspired team building decentralized tools to help the world work 100% for humanity, it’s not hard to imagine an explosion of decentralized exponential growth within the entire EOS Network, and beyond.

Yves La Rose, Chief Executive Officer @ EOS Foundation, added “It’s not easy for the average person to start a DAO. Starting a DAO should be as easy as creating a Facebook group or Discord chat! This partnership will make that a reality on EOS, by offering the most user-friendly DAO experience in the entire crypto industry.”


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Hypha DAO

Hypha is a globally decentralized team that originally set out to build a regenerative economic system using the SEEDS currency, which we deployed on Telos. Our own needs led us to develop the tools necessary for effectively organizing, rewarding, and governing our community. For the last three and a half years Hypha has been developing a suite of tools, our ‘Organization-in-a-box’ solution, to facilitate building new economic and governance systems for humanity.

To learn more about Hypha DAO, visit https://hypha.earth/   

Partnership / funding contact:  hello@hypha.earth  

Media contact: media@hypha.earth   


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